We are a young, dynamic company that brings the worldwide ICT expertise and solutions to customers in The Netherlands and Germany.
Our concept is based on the motto: “Look further than the eye can see”. Namely, recent developments on the Dutch (but also broader EU) ICT market show a growing gap between supply and demand on the ICT personnel market, leading to shortage of experienced ICT specialists of different profiles. A careful analysis of the market reveals that this shortage cannot be easily filed at short notice if relying on domestic resources only.

To solve this problem, Freesourcing has developed an innovative concept that brings the foreign high-skilled ICT professionals at reach of the Dutch & German customers. When combined with our broad network within domestic ICT-experts pool, we can readily anticipate to your sourcing needs and provide a tailor-made solutions for most of your ICT-related problems.

Although we are a young company, there is a vast international branch experience accumulated within us, and we are very serious when it comes to delivering ICT services and staffing. So if you need help, services and/or expertise, just contact us. We are here to help you out.

Looking forward to do business with you and to bring the unlimited worldwide expertise at your reach!

insourcing? outsourcing? freesourcing!