If you are an experienced and skilled specialist looking for a temporary or long-term position in The Netherlands, look no further. Freesourcing is eager to meet you. We are permanently looking for Dutch and international English speaking professionals, so if you get intrigued when reading further, feel free to contact us – we just might have the right position for you!

If you are thinking of working abroad, consider The Netherlands. Dutch market is currently in need of many different profiles:

  • IT
  • Civil Engineering
  • Medical
  • Scientific

If your CV matches one of the profiles above, we might be able to find a position for you quite fast. Let’s see what we can offer each other!

Next to their professional expertise and experience, our candidates owe to hold some additional skills:

  • Communicatively strong (English or Dutch)
  • Eager to work and live in The Netherlands (commitment for at least 1 year)
  • Team player
  • Problem-solving and client-friendly attitude
  • Willing to give a bit extra (added value)

What makes us such a great employer?

Freesourcing approaches recruitment with a slightly different mindset and methodology to the majority of its competitors. We are not in the game to earn fast – but to last. Our purpose is to develop and maintain long-term business relationships by combining top-notch expertise with an efficient and client-serving approach. We aim to ensure that clients are consistently satisfied and feel that they are getting real and true value from the service being provided. Our attitude towards our candidates is no different. For us, you are much more than just another entry in a database. We know that what we are is based on what our people deliver – and therefore we want our people to feel comfortable, taken care of and supported. Freesourcing provides excellent and competitive benefits including an interesting bonus scheme. Typical of our company is the no-nonsense attitude and the open, direct and informal culture.

If you believe that you share these values and work ethics, and if you feel eager to learn more about possibilities our company could offer you, please e-mail contact us.

Info about being employed in The Netherlands

As a prerogative for hiring international skilled professionals, Freesourcing is officially admitted to “Skilled Migrant Scheme” by Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and therefore fully entitled to employ foreign specialist in Netherlands.

In order to compensate for the deficiencies of the national job market, since 2004, Dutch employers are permitted to hire non-EU nationals without work permits if the following requirements are met:

  • The employer has enrolled in the IND highly skilled migrant program;
  • The job pays a salary that meets or exceeds the minimum annual gross salary requirements which are based on the age of the employee.

Once a job contract has been signed, the sponsoring employer can request a residence permit for the foreign professional, assuming there are no other problems with the applicant’s individual situation. The regular rules regarding issuance of a residence permit still apply, such as having a valid passport, no criminal record, and health insurance.

The residence permit of a highly skilled foreign professional is granted for the length of the employment contract, up to a maximum of five years (each time), assuming the migrant’s passport is valid for the duration and can be extended.

There are some additional benefits that come along with this program. For example, if you are allowed as a skilled foreign professional, your partner is allowed to work without needing a work permit, although they will still need a residence permit, which will be granted for a period of one year. Of course, your children will be granted a residence permit as long as your permit is sustained. Furthermore, if you come to The Netherlands to work, you may be eligible for a special expense reimbursement facility: the 30% facility for incoming employees. This facility means that your employer can pay you 30% of your wages as a (tax-free) allowance for the additional costs of your stay in The Netherlands.


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