Finding the right professionals for you is our passion

Recruiting professionals in the business sector is something that most companies find problematic to do. Not so weird actually, when you contemplate that the HR market in The Netherlands became more and more scarce when it comes down to experienced and technically superior IT professionals, and – at the same time – there is a tendency of requiring a narrowly specialized IT candidate for most job openings. Soon a situation exists where one need to look for a needle in haystack, which will often be needed within the company for only a project or two. To save yourself this undue burden and the costs that go along with it, you can let us do it for you.

In order to find really excellent IT professionals that will perfectly fit the need of our customer, Freesourcing combines exploring its vast domestic and international network, screening the potential candidates in the light of their references and fitting up the selection until the right match within client’s budget comfort zone is achieved. What makes our approach special is again “looking further that the eye can see”, that is – using the world as our playground and fishing in the international ICT pool to bring the best professionals to your door. It is not more that logical, when you think of it: the ICT processes and products are globally designed, developed, produced and implemented, and experienced IT professionals around the globe have similar curricula vitae. We tend to concentrate on the international markets that are familiar with and inherently similar to domestic IT environments: Scandinavia, South-East Europe, India, South Africa. The practice shows that foreign IT specialists can offer the business equal quality and more enthusiasm when compared with the domestic counterparts, at very competitive tariff.

Our way of working includes recruiting the right-match candidates, bringing them to your door, and taking care of them in the terms of contracts, loans, housing or other conveniences, so that you get is a content and capable ICT specialist, fully concentrated at your project. You have a contract with us, and we take the care of everything else. Alternatively, if you are looking for permanent IT staffing, you will find us to be of great assistance. Contact us and let us convince you.

Furnishing your ICT project

The problem of finding the right IT specialists in a scarce domestic market especially becomes painfully obvious when your company is let’s say planning a project which requires several dozens of such professionals, operational within 2 months, at the designated location, and the costs must not exceed the ever more tightening budget. Soon you would start compromising you original plans, either settling down for lesser quality, or trying to stretch your budget, or lowering the number of personnel required, knowing that in the end, this forced compromise will boomerang back at you and will hit you at the least convenient moment. Why settle for less while paying more? Let us help you! We do not have troubles finding highly skilled professionals at numbers that your project requires, and the costs will certainly positively surprise you. Our sales representatives are standing by to help you solve your problem.

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